Welcome to Chintamani

Just 20km from Cuernavaca, and 90km from Mexico City, Chintamani Retreat Centre is located in Yautepec, in the Cuautla Valley (Morelos state). Here 3.5 hectares (8.6 acres) of land have been dedicated to inner development, work, friendship, and rest.

Our centre accommodates up to 48 people (in twin and quad rooms). It is protected by a surrounding wall which ensures that it remains a safe and sheltered location for spiritual practice.


Activities that may be carried out at Chintamani

Coming together in a quiet, beautiful and secluded spot, away from our daily, urban conditions, enables an atmosphere of concentration, discipline, work and positivity to develop in which creativity and harmony may arise spontaneously. These conditions are beneficial for groups with a diverse range of aims, from collective work and training activities, to personal development, spiritual growth, and/or recreation and relaxation. At Chintamani, we offer you a little corner of simplicity and warmth so that you can do the things that best suit your needs and aspirations.