To organize a retreat
    • Plan ahead of time (some groups reserve their dates a year in advance)
    • The most successful retreat generally has:


1. A retreat leader (i.e., a chairperson, minister or facilitator).


2. A support group, formed by people from the organizing community, congregation or sangha, that help the leader by being in charge of particular     activities/tasks.

3. A daily program, with the details of the activities to be carried out, along with their aims and times.
    We advise you to keep the program simpleand , at the same time, allow for some flexibility.


4. Advertiseyour retreat within your community or Sangha at least 3 months in advance.

• Take into account the special needs of people that may attend your retreat (adults, children, families, elderly people, etc.),
   as well as their numbers.
• Establish the duration and the particular dates of your retreat. Consider the specific weather conditions of the time of year when it will take place.
• Clarify your aims