The spirit within a retreat

Chintamani offers a rare opportunity to practise and study in a safe, friendly and contemplative environment, a place where silence and discipline let the fresh air of spirituality in.

The intensity and simplicity of retreat life allow us to become more intimately involved with our lives, and life in general. The emotional openness, integrity and the positive attitude which are cultivated during a retreat allow you to see your connectedness with everything that lives. Thus retreats offer you the tools to build a life that is not driven by self-centered concerns and habitual patterns, but rather grounded in the awareness of the fullness of our possibilities and in creative actions born of a clear and uncluttered mind.

It is a popular notion that people choose to go on retreat to escape or hide from the world. In reality, the goal of a retreat is the opposite: it is a space for becoming honest with oneself. The simplicity of your daily activities make your personal resistances and your habitual mental patterns all the more apparent. Thus a retreat is a tremendous opportunity for a deep encounter with yourself.